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Keys to Healthy Living

Keys to Healthy Living Keys to Healthy Living Living is an interactive classroom based, substance-abuse prevention curriculum for grades 1-11, guiding children to explore all aspects of their lives: Physical, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual. It is based on the current research about brain chemistry, life skills education, risk and protective factors, asset development, community service, and spirituality. Particularly unique to this curriculum, originally developed for the Russian schools, is that it integrates materials universally appropriate for all children including material developed for children of alcoholics, children with fetal alcohol syndrome, children with learning differences, including attention deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD). It also addresses alcohol, prescription and illegal drug abuse.

Curriculum Goal

To maximize participants' potential to be healthy, responsible and addiction free young adults.

Curriculum Objectives

  1. To increase knowledge and use of healthy living skills.
  2. To decrease use of alcohol, tobacco, prescription and illegal drugs.
  3. To increase knowledge of the impact of alcohol, tobacco, prescription and illegal drugs on their own bodies, their families and their communities.
  4. To increase resiliency factors in participant lives.
  5. To decrease risk factors that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Information & Life Skills Content


Keeping Out of Fights
Helping Others
Steps in Reducing Anger
Steps in Responding to Anger

Feelings versus Thoughts
Responding to the Feelings of Others
Recognizing Defenses of Others
Recognizing Your Defenses

Active Listening
Expressing a Complaint
Preparing for a Stressful Conversation
Standing Up for Your Self
Using "I" messages
Recognizing and celebrating each person's uniqueness.
Problem Solving - Goal Setting

Active Listening
Refusal Skills
Choosing safe and trustworthy friends
Learning from Experience
Accomplishing Personal Goals
Making a Decision
Accomplishing Personal Goals Dreams & Goals.
Facts about Alcohol, Tobacco,Prescription & Illegal Drugs

Why people become addicted: brain chemistry, dependency and addiction.
Impact on families and communities.
How our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are affected.

Helping Others
Taking My Place in the World
My Impacting on the World
Being Part of Something Larger than myself.


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