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Prevention Partnership International curriculums are unique in that they:

  • Incorporate teaching methods and materials universally appropriate for all children (such as teaching and reinforcing of life skills) with materials developed for children of alcoholics, children with fetal alcohol syndrome, children with learning differences, and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders (ADHD).
  • Utilize interactive and experiential teaching methodologies as recommended by recent research on how the brain learns, especially brains impacted in utero by alcohol and other drug use.
  • Integrate the teaching of skills with strategies to break the cycle of addiction .
  • Explore the Physical, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual components of healthy living.
  • Are based on the most current prevention research, including service to others and seeing beauty.

Curriculums include:

  • Classroom Prevention Curriculum for Alcohol, Prescription and Illegal Drug Abuse: SCRIPS (for high school students) and Keys to Healthy Living (for grades 1-11). Keys to Healthy Living was developed as an alcohol and drug abuse prevention curriculum for grades 1-11 for Russian public schools.
  • Education/Support Group Model for Children of Alcoholics/Addicts and Parents in Early Recovery: Celebrating Families!™, distributed by NACoA. PPI staff work closely with NACoA in providing training and support to existing and new sites.
  • Pro Social Skill Building Education/Support Group Models: START (Success Through Awareness & Responsibility Training) for individuals with learning differences and NEW START for individuals with dual diagnosis (mental illness, substance abuse, and/or learning differences).
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Young Mothers Are Strong for teen moms at risk for second pregnancies, Young Women Are Strong for adolescent females at high risk for pregnancy, and Young Men Are Strong for males at high risk for becoming teen dads.
  • Trainings & In-Services: provided nationally and internationally on the above programs, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, learning differences, children of alcoholics/ addicts, parenting in recovery, and addiction.


START $250+shipping
New START $350+shipping
YMAS series $125+shipping
Keys to Healthy Living $250+shipping
SCRIPS $125+shipping

Trainings (at sites)

Trainings are available at your site (up to 25 people) on all curriculums. Due to the extensive use of role plays in all curriculums, training is highly recommended. (Role plays are fully scripted in curriculums.)
3 days ……………………………………………………… $4,000*
Includes curriculum CD with right to copy for use in organization

*In addition, sites are responsible for:
  • Copying and producing curriculum for all participants
  • Providing Site for training
  • Food service (snacks)
  • Trainers travel expenses– transportation, lodging, meals

Technical Assistance & In-Services

Hourly Rate ……………………………………… $150+expenses
(for one trainer)

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